Saturday, 20 March 2010

Mind the gap ...

When I read Steve Taylor's post defining what leadership is for him today I knew I would have to repost it and of course I knew I knew I wouldn't be able to resist giving this post the title "mind the gap" title from the London Underground. This is how Steve - who teaches mission - currently defines leadership:

"Leadership is being deeply aware of the gap between what is, and what is not yet, and having the courage to attend to the gap."

Minding the gap as a theological and leadership task spoke to me and challenged me. I've been thinking about my own inability to live with emptiness, with the void. As Easter approaches I know that I shall find that challenge there again - the empty tomb at the end of Mark's gospel which causes the women to flee away in fear ... yet perhaps it is only by having the courage to attend to the gap, to the space between, that we can bear witness to the resurrection.