Saturday, 7 November 2009

1989 and all that ...

So Dr B is travelling around Germany again on another installment of the 20th anniversary commemorations. Tomorrow he will be at the Gethsemane Kirche in Berlin and he's blogging about it all on Holy Disorder. He has take a copy of my GDR diary with him and is posting some of the entries from 20 years ago in real time. It's quite a shock for instance to discover that I wrote in my 1989 diary of a revolution on 7 November that Otto Lambsdorff's proposal to tear down the Berlin wall was a ridiculous idea (I have never much liked the FDP or any of its leaders past or present I should add in my defence - of course I see that as a sign of good taste, but it just shows you that good taste doesn't always lead to sound judgement!)
You'll have to wait two more days to read what I wrote on 9 November I hope he is going to post that bit - but it's quite wierd to discover one's earlier self in this way.
Meanwhile Stephen was also commissioned to write a more reflective piece on the fall of the wall, there is a further article by Konrad Raiser and comments by Samuel Kobia.


Lac19 said...

So where is your diary entry for 9th Nov, 1989?

Jane said...

ahh you have to read holy disorder it went up at 01.15 and as you have seen I have written about the morning now too