Wednesday, 4 November 2009

The answer is sleep ...

This morning on the bus I particularly enjoyed reading Bishop Stephen Cottrell's splendid little book Hit the ground kneeling. It is about debunking some management and leadership myths and looking at things differently. It's great.

"We're looking for someone who can hit the ground running."

Cottrell's comment is:
"But when someone hits the ground running, there is no guarantee that they are going in the right direction."

Cottrell is bishop of Reading and has written two similar books to this one but more about how we can do less and simply enjoy life - Do nothing Christmas and Do nothing to change your life.

You can read a sample chapter here. Here's an extract that made me laugh:
Remember the story of the bishop who went to see his spiritual director and told him all his troubles. The wise spiritual guide sat back in his chair and advised the bishop to sleep more.
"Why?" asked the bishop.
"It will limit your opportunity to do further damage" came the

I live with someone who is very committed to sleep, now at least I know why!


I, me, myself said...

I've just read the sample chapter, looks like a great book, when can I borrow your copy? Or even better, why don't you send it to The Viking as a welcome gift?

Jane said...

Dear Joan Armatrading - part of me thinks that if I value my professional future I should perhaps delete your comment but that would be a shame. You know "Me, myself, I" was such a great song, I used to belt it out often when I was a student.
What I am more interested in is how you managed to leave a comment on my blog without there being a trace of how you visited or where you came from - though I do suspect the world of spaniroia.
Anyway of course - you may have a copy - John G received one today and of course I did order several copies fro a reason ... ;-)
You must show me the trick of invisible visiting and how you do it - very impressive!

Anonymous said...
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