Tuesday, 17 November 2009

How to get rid of Nicolas Sarkozy? A passing thought ...

Reports are coming in this week of Ségolène Royal sacking her closest aid on her wing of the French socialist party - after a huge row. That wing of the party was apparently called espoir à gauche, hmm perhaps nul espoir à gauche is more fitting - the hopelessness of the left. There really does seem no hope for the left to gain power in France ... or maybe there is...
This evening Dr B has come up with a cunning plan and a unity candidate. The only person he reckons could really bring people on the French left together is Danny the Red - also known as Daniel Cohn Bendit, a fascinating and rather fun idea because he has the potential to get support from the far left to the centrists. He's a clever campaigner too.
It probably wouldn't work though, because people will prefer Sarkozy's venality, celebrity and nepotism.
Anyway if Danny does stand as the Left's unity candidate remember you heard it here first!