Sunday, 15 November 2009

The German twitter Bible gives an insight into the best known parts of the Bible

So Dr B has returned from his 20th anniversary tour of East Germany and Berlin with a copy of Und Gott chillte - which is the whole Bible tweeted in German. I've been reading the introduction and it's interesting, though not so surprising to see that there are favourite bits of the Bible which got tweeted again and again. The challenge for was to get the whole Bible tweeted - even the more obscure bits - as part of the world record earlier this year.
In the end more than 3000 of us contributed tweets - including Dr B and myself. Tweeting in German is quite a challenge as German words are of course longer!
Anyway the introduction to the twitter Bible says that as they started tweeting at the Kirchentag it became obvious that people wanted to tweet the creation story, Noah's ark, the birth of Jesus and passages from the Song of Solomon. Isaiah was apparently not on the favourites list. Interesting that we create our own Bibles which are a reduced version of the original.
Anyway I'm looking forward to reading Und Gott chillte as part of my Advent observance. However, to get the full variety of the different tweets I'll still have to go the twitter website. It seems that the editors chose their favourite tweets for each Bible passage and haven't published every tweet that was written. Maybe one day there will be some interesting German hermeneutical studies on how these redactional choices were made!

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I want to get one of these - I'll have to get Hannah to help me.

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