Sunday, 29 November 2009

On Advent Sunday Switzerland votes on whether minarets can be built

Today Switzerland is voting on whether or not building minarets can be allowed according to the federal constitution. The referendum initiative had been put forward by the extreme right-wing people's party. A great way to pile on the pressure to polarise public opinion. Very clever and very worrying, these days the repurcussions will be felt not only in Switzerland.
The early results seem to indicate that the majority will be in favour of banning the building of minarets. Geneva and the Canton of Vaud seem to be voting in favour of building minarets but the German-speaking cantons are coming out very clearly against.
Perhaps there's still time to hope for a late surge of voters choosing the other options.
Not a good day as Switzerland last week took over the presidency of the Council of Europe. One of the priorities of the sixth month presidency is to be human rights.
There are already four minarets in various parts of Switzerland.

Today is Advent Sunday ...