Thursday, 24 December 2009

And the angels sing - just for men or for humanity or for the world?

At our Advent service in the ecumenical centre we sang the angels' song from Luke's gospel Gloire à Dieu au plus haut des cieux paix sur la terre, sur la terre, bonne volonté envers le monde. Amen Alleluia
Of course the original French version in the hymn books says envers les hommes but I doctored that to say "le monde".
Meanwhile Suzanne Mccarthy, JK Gayle and the Better Bibles Blog have been having more erudite discussions about this than I am able to.
I do passionately believe that the Good News song is for all and hope that you too will hear some echo of it sung for you, those you love and those you find it hard to love this Christmas.
May we all become more angelic.