Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Im Herzen Kanadierin - a book by Claudia Bauder

I met Claudia Bauder while interpreting for some development and human rights work recently. I had a tricky time getting some of the financial information she was presenting into French - she was being quite clear I'm just not all that used to interpreting financial and accountancy matters.
I was impressed at the coffee break to hear a bit about her own background and about her book "At heart I'm a Canadian".
What I've read so far shows that it's a moving and honest memoir of her German family's life on the move - Claudia was born in Venezuela, grew up in the USA and Canada and then moved back to Germany. Quite a lot to be dealing with emotionally and I admire her for writing about it with such clarity and humour. Claudia also has a great website to promote the book so why not drop by and learn more about it.
Meanwhile it made me wonder - at heart, what am I?