Thursday, 10 December 2009

Glad tidings of great joy about public transport in the Pay de Gex

This Sunday the Genevan bus timetable changes and it will really revolutionise things for someone like me who does not drive. Today the latest Ferney Magazine had the complete new timetable, many more F buses - and every other bus will go all the way to and from Gex. This is brilliant - but even more amazing - we are about to ge the Y bus which will take us directly to the airport and to Meyrin and to Thoiry.
All that remains now is for us to set up a blog about "Les restos depuis les bus F et Y" - doing the research could be quite fun!

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janetlees said...

I'll let Bob know - he's currently on a train to Selby which is in Yorkshire but the train goes a very odd round a bout route and takes most of the day - which he loves of course. Timetables change here on Sunday too - wait and see all ye who travel to Selby.