Sunday, 6 December 2009

Open source ecumenism, the Ravenna document and Metropolitan John of Pergamon

Dr B has a new blog called Open Source Ecumenism. He's hoping to share passing thoughts about ecumenism and encourage discussion about some of the things he only gets a chance to talk about over coffee with colleagues at the ecumenical centre.
Some of the posts he's made here have now been reposted there, which will mean that my blog will now be rather less errudite.
Anyway do visit and plase send him some ideas abotu what to write abotu next.
One of the most recent articles asks whether we are moving towards Christian convergence or a united christianity and was triggered by an assertion made by Adrian Pabst on the Guardian's Comment is Free site.
Here's an extract:

Metropolitan John of Pergamon, the Orthodox co-chair of the international Roman Catholic-Orthodox theological dialogue, has been particularly outspoken against the understanding oif the Bishop of Rome as the Patriarch of the West, saying that while this development was historically understandable it does not offer a theological solution to help convergence between East and West. Metropolitan John instead argiues for an understanding of primacy and conciliarity at all levels of the church, including at the universal level. And it is precisely this issue that is at the centre of the Ravenna document produced by the commission in 2007, and about which discussions are still continuing. But if these discussions do make significant progress, does this not also open the way to theological convergence with Anglican perspectives such as those articulated by the Archbishop of Canterbury?


Lac19 said...

Congratulations to Dr B on his new blog. Brilliant title, to start with. And I'm sure it's going to be full or very rich and deep content. (So sure I am that I'm already kind of tired because of the intellectual effort that would take me to cope with it... :o)

Jane said...

Hmm I know it's a bit too errudite and esoteric for me but I think Others of a similar bent will enjoy it ...