Saturday, 5 December 2009

Let them eat cake ...

Occasionally at work we get glimpses of edible works of art brought in for delivery to clients of the multi-talented Gabriela's Délices du Sud. Her cakes are really quite something - it's not often you get someone phoning you to say "you absolutely must come and see the beautiful cake Gabriela has made for my grand daughter". You can get some ideas of the three dimensional cakes here and here the slightly simpler designs here - I particularly like the Sherlock Holmes design. I do hope though that there are going to be photos on the site of the extraordinary cake I admired today, covered in playing cards and casino tokens I don't think this was for a child's birthday but it was brilliant.
Délices du Sud also does utterly delicious Alfajores and Medialunas ... hmm
The diet will once again not begin in the New Year!