Thursday, 24 April 2008

Argentinian biscuits on sale in Geneva

I have a friend (yes Simon O. I honestly do have at least one!) who blogs in Spanish and who has been promising me that he is going to write a post about the apocalypse. However, when I visit his blog in the hope of reading profound thoughts on the end of the world, they have failed to appear- at least so far. (En plus, he is very shy and I am not allowed to link to his blog, he prefers a more discerning kind of reader to those I get.) Instead I find his blog in raptures about the revolutionary potential of the sale of a particular kind of Argentinian biscuit on the streets of Calvin city - my Spanish is not brilliant and I'm still struggling to quite understand the role of Lenin in homemade biscuit production. For someone with my sized waistline these biscuits could of course be a less than subtle way of hinting at personal apocalypse!
Anyway to learn more about the revolutionary Argentinian biscuits in French or Spanish click on the links. It's possible to make a weekly or fortnightly order and a personalized cake service is also available.
The taste of course is not just delicious it's apocalyptic.


Simon Barrow said...

This really does, er, take the biscuit... :)

Lac19 said...

Hey! Thanks a lot for the publicity. Very much appreacited, really. You know the "alfajor" is something of an identity issue for Argies, like many travelers have discovered when visiting our country. You can read some alfajor-related experiences here and here, and here there is some information from a travel guide. And of course you might find interesting that the word itself, which has Arabic roots, doesn't seem to have a proper English translation, so people need to go for descriptive approximations. But once you have tasted them, translations are not needed anymore :o)