Monday, 7 April 2008

An encouraging Emmaus meditation from Ted Karpf

How foolish are you and slow of heart to believe all that the prophets have spoken.”

Rev. Ted Karpf preached at a service for World Health Day this morning. Coming from the World Health Organization which is just a few hundred metres from the Ecumenical Centre chapel he reflected on how he had begun his international career as a WCC intern. He gave a cogent and passionate sermon on the challenges of recognizing the links between health and climate change and noted that this year marks 60 years of the WCC, the WHO and many UN institutions.
It was good for those of us currently working in the ecumenical centre to be linked in to our own history of engagement, campaigning and prophetic action on health and climate change and to link all of that to the pressing need for meaningful action in our own time.

Let's hope we will be wise enough to listen to all that prophets have spoken.

You can read the whole sermon here but here's a taster:

"Can you not call all of us to a reckoning of our spiritual and material values, which if left untended can lead us down the road of apocalypse and destruction? I call upon you in your capacities for justice and peace, for prophetic witness and faithful caretaking to be a model to the world, a light to the nations of what people can do to address environmental degradation and human consumption. Forget not your high calling and faithful witness. Let your hearts burn with demands for restoring to the creation to wholeness and shalom."