Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Not just prayers but justice for the Philippines

This week we are praying through the ecumenical prayer cycle for Indonesia, Timor Leste and the Philippines. On Thursday April 10 the WCC will host a forum calling for a stop to killings, disappearances and attacks in the Philippines. Human Rights Watch has recently said that justice is absent from recent killings and disappearances.
Rceiving the invitation to the Forum has put me on a steep learning curve about what the Universal Periodic Review is and how it can help to bring objective standards into the way human rights legislation is applied in any given country. It's about strengthening the way international law can help protect individuals and societies facing severe breaches of their human rights and is seen as a new chapter in human rights.
So, this week the Philippines needs not only our prayers but also for us to take seriously the cries for justice and human rights.

Stop the Killings in the Philippines
Has any one been convicted?
Have the kllings and dsappearances sopped?
Why are civilians and human rights defenders being attacked?
Why are the people hungry and angry?
What can the Universal Periodic Review and the UN Human Rights Council do?
Hear the Cries and Pleas for Justice of the Victims: Forum on the Real Human Rights Situation
Moderator: Marie Hilao-Enriquez, Secretary General of Karapatan
Hon. Teodoro Casiño, Member of House of Representative, Bayan Muna partylist, whose political party has the largest number of members killed
Father Rex Reyes, Secretary General of the National Council of Churches in the Philippines, who represents the churches who are under attack
Jonathan Sta. Rosa, survivor-witness and brother of slain United Methodist Pastor Isaias Sta. Rosa
Ms. Joan Carling, Leader of Cordillera Peoples Alliance, an indigenous peoples organization
Ms. Monika Baumann, Theresaladeli Foundation