Thursday, 10 April 2008

Do women's prayers reach heaven?

This was the question a female colleague asked earlier this week after being asked to lead prayers for a group of church leaders- and yes of course "church leaders" is long hand for "men"!

One thing is clear though, some male Anglican bishops are doing their best to stop prayers by ordained women take place at all. I am shocked to hear tales of Anglican bishops standing with their arms crossed at the ordination of women - very publicly showing at the moment that they should have been laying hands on the ordinand in consecration that they do not agree with this practice of their church. They could of course discreetly sit down or leave the church but no doubt that wouldn't give them the attention they need in such distressing circumstances.
A much larger proportion of women than men serving the church as priests are non stipendiary and recieve no payment. Meanwhile the bishops taking such a high moral stance at the ordinations are being paid to not do the thing they are supposed to. I do love a gender based division of labour!
The thing that shocks me most about such appalling abusive behaviour is that in any other organisation it would be called what it is, harrassment.
I think I would find this attitude easier to understand and forgive if I heard a similar number of stories of the same bishops washing the feet of the women priests in their diocese or even asking in humility for understanding, but such tales don't seem to be forthcoming.
Somewhere along the line sexism has been confused with theology.
So sisters keep praying, there is someone listening, promise.

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