Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Women arise in Bulawayo to demand election results

The BBC have just been carrying pictures of women in Bulawayo marching openly on the streets and demanding release of the Zimbabwe elections results. It was moving to watch them carrying their banners saying "Women Arise" and walking calmly through the streets asking clearly for justice and democracy. This is not easy fearlessness but a reclaiming of the streets for integrity, justice and the hope of rebuilding a failing country despite the real fear of violence and repression.

Meanwhile the South African Council of Churches put out a strongly worded statement on the situation in Zimbabwe, which among other things says,
"...the completion of credible elections is but one hurdle that Zimbabwe must clear on the road to peace, justice and economic stability. Given the mandate conferred on the South African government by the SADC Peace & Security Council, we believe it is time for President Mbeki to move beyond his policy of "quiet diplomacy" in Zimbabwe. We urge the South African government to work vigorously to promote the timely publication of election results and to prevent any violence or crisis from emerging in the wake of this historic election.
We salute the Zimbabwean churches who, against all odds, continue to provide hope to the many people who are struggling under the present economic and social conditions in Zimbabwe."

Keep praying for the people in Zimbabwe, keep praying for justice.