Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Zimbabwe and South African church leaders warn that action needs to be taken to prevent genocide

Are the tectonic plates finally moving towards some kind of resolution in Zimbabwe? I do hope so, but hope as always is fragile...

The Zimbabwe Council of Churches and the South African Council of Churches have been warning of the possibility of genocide if some resolution to the political situation is not found soon.
Yet it's not about saying the right thing but about doing the right thing, and about agitating and using diplomacy so that the right thing takes place.
A young Zimbabwean I met earlier in the week simply said "keep praying for us". Frankly I sometimes feel that prayer is the wimp's way through such desperate situations. But perhaps to be of any use prayer also has have its own uselessness as a starting point. And despite feeling all this I go on praying - even if sometimes it is more a kind of weeping and screaming than praying.
Do mark the global day of prayer for Zimbabwe on Sunday 27th April. We'll be praying for Zimbabwe here in Geneva on Monday 28th as well as on the 27th.