Wednesday, 30 April 2008

... and ascended into heaven?

Photo: Martial Trezzini (Keystone)

My friend Simon Oxley is we think probaby the only person in the whole inhabited earth (or oikoumene) to have season tickets for both Servette and Manchester City football teams - not sure whether he's got tickets to any of the Euro 2008 matches, he's very discreet about such things. Unfortunately he's not in Geneva this week to see the unveiling of the latest religious symbol to hallow his favourite sport. I saw this football floating at an unlikely angle in the sky the other evening but until receiving this picture from my colleague Theo Gill did not realise the strategic placing of the ball over Geneva's famous jet d'eau.
Obviously the beautiful game is seeking the stars and becoming more heavenly by the moment. Now I'll just have to go into the centre of town in the evenings to see whether the ball lights up at night time like the jet d'eau does.


Simon Barrow said...

It's a sign! :)

Gustavo Bonato said...

I don't get it... Did they really put a big football on the top of the jet d'eau? How did they do that?

Jane said...

Hmm a sign from God maybe!
It's actually tethered in place by large steel ropes cunningly hidden - clever isn't it.
And hey gustavo - I love that picture of the cow on your blog - brilliant!