Sunday, 20 April 2008

Visit the Walker Art Gallery's Art in the Age of Steam

Picture: S G Hughes, Travelling on the Liverpool and Manchester Railway
© The Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust, Telford

If you still haven't made it to Liverpool for its year as European City of Culture now's the time to buy your train ticket and visit Art in the Age of Steam which Stephen's sister Myra, who is senior exhibitions officer at the Walker Art Gallery, has been very involved in organising. Michael Palin opened the exhibition on Thursday night and apparently the exhibition has been good and busy over the opening days. There's an excellent article on the exhibiiton here and a nice piece by Catherine Jones on Palin in the Liverpool Echo here.

And of course while you're in Liverpool you mustn't leave without visiting the Anglican and Catholic cathedrals, the International Slavery Museum and taking the Ferry 'cross the Mersey.
One of the things I'm really hoping to do on one of our next visits is to take a boat from Liverpool to the Imperial War Museum North which was designed by the visionary architect Daniel Liebeskind.
Now I just need to look at my diary for the rest of the year and see whether there will be time to go to work with all these holiday plans. Hmm...


Lac19 said...

Have the feeling that when linking Liverpool and European or even world culture some four guys should be mentioned somewhere. Oh, well... sorry for such a plebeian taste :o)

Jane said...

Yes, of course but the fab four get so much publicity - once you've done all the Beatlemania stuff there's still masses left to see, do and enjoy on the Mersey.And the Beatles aren't plebian, far from it.
I also didn't mention the footie of course
ah well
can't mention everything!