Monday, 10 May 2010

Neither of us is in any way an athlete but my husband has just won a part share in two gold and two siver medals

On the stranzblog he is known as Dr B. However in real life he is called Stephen Brown. Late on Sunday evening he learnt from his colleague Peter Kenny that the small news agency they run has won two gold and two silver awards at the Associated Church Press awards.

Anyway, congratulations to Peter, Stephen, David and Jean-Michel at ENI News. you can read more about the award here you can also subscribe to ENI headlines here.

The posters pictured here were put together on our dining table while I was at feminist theology last week. The things men get up to when the women are away.

Here's part of Dr B's article from today:
Ecumenical News International has won an Award of Excellence as the "best in class" religion news service from the Associated Church Press.

"What impressed me about ENInews is the breadth and depth of the reporting," said award judge Leon Alligood, a journalism professor at Middle Tennessee State University. "The writing was well edited and engaging."

The award for work done in 2009 was presented on 8 May to Peter Kenny, editor-in-chief of Geneva-based ENInews, at the annual ACP awards ceremony in Arlington, Virginia. ENInews also received a second award of excellence and two awards of merit for its reporting.

The Award of Merit in the "Best in Class: News Service" category, went to Washington-based Religion News Service, which works in partnership with ENInews in distributing news to other media. An honourable mention was shared by Baptist Press, which was noted for its coverage of Kyrgyzstan and El Salvador, and Presbyterian News Service.

In the "Editorial Courage" section, ENInews won the Award of Excellence for its coverage of the World Council of Churches, one of the four founding member organizations of the news agency (

"This is editorial courage at its best - great journalism in the watchdog tradition. Great risk for the writers, but the audience wins," commented judge Andrew Herrmann, the managing editor at the Chicago Sun Times.

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janetlees said...

Brilliant - well done Dr B and colleagues!! We love you.