Wednesday, 5 May 2010

A singer teaches us how to speak at feminist theology

Last night's feminist theology session was truly extraordinary. Anne Ramoni is a professional singer who also teaches voice for pastors and other speaking professionals.
She told us how she learnt to sing and to speak more or less at the same time - as the daughter of missionaries in Madagascar she told us how the family would have to sing really loud to drown out the overwhelming noise of the double engined 2CV they spent hours travelling around in.
We began to learn a great deal about ourselves and about each other as we took part in the seemingly simple exercise Anne proposed.
She asked us to takes some time write a phrase we really believed in about "voice", she then worked with each of us in the group on the physicality of saying our conviction either sitting down or standing up. Our exchanges were spiritual and earthy as we tried to find our voices and say our piece, to find where in our bodies our convictions are lodged in different situations.

I don't have time to write much more about this at the moment and will write something more tonight and in coming days. However, below is the phrase I said. As she heard me Ria just said oh that's Jane! I'll try to chart the physical emotion that ran through me as I said this in a later post. Our discussion following what I said got us into the whole area of whether women are more earthed and earthly, less spiritual and intellectual? Anyway off to work now but here's my phrase:
Hors du silence la passion de la parole et de la voix est en moi;
elle monte en moi;
elle me motive;
elle me met en route;
elle me soutient ...


Deirdre said...

Sounds wonderful Jane and I look forward to hearing more...

janetlees said...

This sounds really brilliant Jane.
As one who also now seems to teach voice and speech to folks of all sorts I'd be interested to learn more.