Saturday, 29 May 2010

The strange story of the car key leading to a milk vending machine

In January we decided we would try to use the car less and take the bus to work. Only one of us drives (not me - Dr B often says he wants to buy himself a peaked cap with "chauffeur de la pasteure" on it!) and it seemed like a good way to try to support our newly improved local bus service. Then of course the chauffeur himself was out of action for quite a long time. Meanwhile our elderly (18 year old) Golf feels rather neglected but still manages to start on the rare occasions we use it.
Today it would have been useful to get in it and go off to the SNCF shop in St Genis but just over a month ago the one remaining key for the car got mashed to pieces in the front door. We've been enjoying telling friends "Now we've broken the key we'll just have to buy a new car!" Finally after breaking into the car yesterday Dr B managed to find the paperwork proving the car belongs to us and thus entitling us to get replacement keys from the garage - maybe by Wednesday this week.
All this as a very roundabout explanation for us taking the Y bus to St Genis Pouilly (a neighbouring town in France which you get to by going in and out of Switzerland on the Y bus) so as to be able to pick up some train tickets as there is no SNCF shop in Ferney. Quite an exploit and I haven't really been back in St Genis since starting my work at the WCC nearly 8 years ago. I was particularly amazed to discover this brilliant fresh unpasteurised milk vending machine in the main street. We bought a litre for 1 euro and very delicious it is too - I really dislike homogenised milk which tends to be what you find most easily in France. If we'd been in the car we probably wouldn't have stopped to try out the milk vending machine. I just posted the pictures to my facebook and received information of a similar milk vending point in Roanne - maybe there are others elsewhere too and in countries other than France too?