Monday, 24 May 2010

"That all mäy be one"

For morning prayer we often follow the readings also used by the Communauté de Grandchamp. On Thursday and Friday last week, the final days of Eastertide and the days directly preceding Pentecost the goepl readings for morning prayer were from John 17.
We often hear the verse "that all may be one" in the chapel of the Ecumenical Centre and use it alot in our work on ecumenism - it is woven in Greek into the tapestry of Christ ascended in glory which covers one wall of our main hall. What was good on Thursday and Friday was listening to the passage in its entirety and realising how the call to be one is repeated throughout.
You can find the order for prayers which my colleague Theodore Gill drew up here. It includes a moving litany for the unity of the church.