Sunday, 9 May 2010

Train journey with myself

I am writing this on a glorious train ride across Switzerland - it is raining but the views and skies are still splendidly dramatic. It is wonderful to be on the train, to listen in to one side of other people's phone conversations and try to build up some kind of plot around their lives and what on earth it is that might be happening.
I've had a wonderfully desultory time thinking up half baked ideas for novels that I shall never write, doing some proof reading and planning for the busy days ahead at the Ecumenical Kirchentag. I've been enjoying the lovely late Spring countryside, the cows in the fresh green fields which have an extra lovely covering of daisies dandelions and buttercups. Just a shame that from the train you can't actually hear the cow bells ringing.
I like longish train journeys like this, they give me time to be with myself to pootle with my thoughts, to not have to finish ideas and to catch up with being me.
As I type this we're going round lake Constance - Switzerland, Austria Germany - by sms I'm getting updates from Dr B on how the lib-con talks are going in the UK and how the FDP-CDU coalition has been defeated in Nord-Rhein Westphalen. And that Munich airport is closed due to volcanic ash - take the train folks!
But mainly I just look at the looming grey clouds, the wonderful lake and the true green of springtime and my thoughts potter forwards. We've just arrived in Lindau. One day I may even have time to spend a night here, it's a lovely spot for a weekend away.
So I'm not sure whether travel broadens or narrows the mind but late on a wet springtime Sunday it's certainly good for the soul
And of course when I've had a really brilliant idea for a blockbuster thriller I'll be sure to let you know - on the other hand I might just go and have a beer in the restaurant carriage!