Saturday, 2 May 2009

Abraham ibn Ezra and community

Ruth Gledhill has written about a book launch with a difference. The book is Irene Lancaster's Deconstructing the Bible: Abraham Ibn Ezra's "Introduction to the Torah"
It's launch took place in a library at the Sedgely Park Community Library at the heart of a community where Jewish, Christian and Muslim people live peacefully alongside each other.
The books is about the life, work and thought of Abraham ibn Ezra one of the most distinguished Jewish men of letters of the middle ages.
Follwo the links to find out more and here's a bit from an Amazon review of the book:
At the heart of the book is a translation of ibn Ezra’s ‘Introduction to the Torah’, which, with the help of a detailed commentary, allows us to see ibn Ezra at work as a creative interpreter and user of language. Ibn Ezra’s concern with the open-endedness of language has postmodern resonances, but as Lancaster points out, his aim ‘was to reach the centre of the circle, not to keep going round in circles’.