Friday, 8 May 2009

In memory of great aunt Milly

My great aunty Milly died last November and tomorrow morning her ashes will be scattered on mountains overlooking the Mawddach estuary in Wales. She was my maternal grandmother's last remaining sibling and was in her early nineties when she died. For several decades she owned a cottage half way up the hills overlooking the Mawddach estuary. We spent many very happy family holidays there, no running water, outside toilet facilities and no car access - it was wonderful. It is one of Europe's most beautiful estuaries but these images just speak to me of childhood, time out and holiday.
Aunty Mill never married but was "everyone's favourite aunt", she was also a good friend and a much trusted employee, ending as PA to the boss which was probably code for helping to run the business. She was generous with smiles, money and time at the cottage, and managed to combine being a shrewd business woman with being very unjudgemental of individuals. I suspect she was often the peace maker in various family upsets and she certainly seems to have been the one everyone was still talking to even when they weren't speaking to each other.
Quite a number of her nieces and nephews will travel to Wales tomorrow. She was a special lady.