Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Leaving Bremen to pilgrim to Munich and Dresden

I arrived in Geneva and then back in Ferney Voltaire last night and am still reeling from the shock, brilliance and tiredness of all that is Kirchentag. Fortunately there were others at work today who had also been there and were similarly positive about the event - though everyone seems to be complainging about sore feet!
It really will take a while for all of the impressions, meetings and experiences to settle down into one.
As I left Bremen there was a big banner saying "the Kirchentag says thank you!" next to it was another with a count down clock to the next Protestant Kirchentag in Dresden in June 2011 - on Monday it was just 747 days to go. On Sunday I met friends from Bamberg on their way from the closing worship to catching their train home and they gave me a postcard with the Bremen town musicians on a pilgrimage to Munich where the 2nd Ecumenical Kirchentag will take place in May next year. Book the dates for your own pilgrimmage to Munich now - contact other churches near you to see how you can travel there with others. A real ecumenical pilgrimmage.