Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Do women ministers lay more importance on relationships than on power?

So the Rheinischer Merkur also has an article about women ministers which claims they lay more importance on relationships and less on power and that as a result they are changing the picture people have of the clergy.
I'm always wary of articles like this which state something in the opening paragraph which is based more on opinion than reproting. The article itself is interesting charting the path of three women in the German Protestant Church and pointing to this having not always been an easy decision.
But I wonder - does anyone ever go around and ask male ministers whether people find it easier to talk to them today, whether the way they were brought up helps or hinders them in their job, whether they are interested more in power or in the inner life?
In the last thirthy years things have changed massively for men in the church too.

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janetlees said...

Yes, I agree with you -we need more insights from women and men. Society has also changed a lot in 30 years and there have been some changes in the roles of women and men in general not just in the church. Sorting out all that 'background noise' is also problemmatic. But essentially reporting isn't research and we need more of that. The thing about women this and men that is too simplisitic really when we all know our lived realities are more complex than that. However, the choice for ministry for women may still include issues/stumbling blocks etc that are in some ways different than those for men. We need to find out. But not another PhD just now thanks.