Tuesday, 19 May 2009

What kind of chicken are you?

I had my first experience of the world café methodology this morning and enjoyed it - although when you're interpreting it's not always easy to get a sense for things. It seemed to go well and there are a lots of interesting things to read on the cards that have been put up with ideas and comments. The Kirchentag will be using this methodology for the first time this year at the forum on Israel and Palestine. It will be interesting to hear how it works.
Martin Robra ended a session this afternoon by asking the panellists what story they would give to a young person from Germany wishing to transform the way things currently are.
Vandana Shiva said she would tell a young person in Germany today a story that a young man from Germany told her at the Kirchentag about 15 years ago. He was unemployed at that time, on the scrap heap literally and figuratively, so he had started collecting rubbish and taking it away to make compost out of it and recycle it in other ways. Shiva was herself already very involved in campaigning to protect biodiversity and stop life itself becoming a commodity. At one point in their conversion the young German man suddenly said to her "Now I get it. You are an organic chicken and you can already eat organic food, but you are trying to stop them put you into the battery chicken farm. Me I've been thrown out of the battery chicken farm and told I'll never be able to feed myself. What I think is that the two of us should meet at the gates to the battery farm and work at changing things."