Sunday, 31 May 2009

Tweeting the Bible in German makes it into the record books

Great news! The Bible in tweet format in German has been completed in record time and by a record number of people.
epd reports here that more than 3,000 people took part in the attempt which started on the first day of the Protestant Kirchentag in Bremen and which ended a day earlier than planned when all of the 3906 passages were tweeted by 11 yesterday morning.
You can read, comment and rate the versions that now exist online - one of the really challenging things was that the organisers decided to let more than one tweet per passage be written, making achieving the target more difficult but allowing for more diversity in the texts written. A good way of trying to get across the Pentecost message. I'm looking forwards to reading the finished product. I also think that my KT group next year are going to have to learn to tweet the parables in French. Meanwhile an old fashioned book format of the tweeted Bible will be published in time for the Frankfurt book fair later this year. Congratulations to all the team, it's been fun.


janetlees said...

What fun! Well done everyone. I'll try to include this in my next RB session. Seems i might do some extra in a fortnight or so due to someone else having to drop out of a training session for West Midlands. Dad in hospital - not serious - just monitoring him - talk soon.

Liquid Roof said...

Wow its a great gift for this coming Christmas, thanks for sharing.