Saturday, 2 May 2009

One thousand posts

This is my 1,000th post on this blog. I'm not sure which day it will be posted on nor what other posts it will appear alongside. But I thought I should use the occasion to reflect a little on this strange reflective, expansive activity that blogging has become for me.
I do not find writing easy at all. I find writing to order and sticking to deadlines painful - though of course deeply necessary! Yet I find blogging easy, motivating and simply "my sort of thing". I am truly surprised that I have made it to 1000 posts on this blog and amazed that I seem to be blogging elsewhere as well - though for how much longer I'm not sure.
For me I think that the biggest change that blogging makes is somehow awakening the desire to write and showing me that I can write - at least to some extent. Blogging has also though made me more anglophone in my focus and I regret that. I must make more effort with the two French blogs I'm also involved in.
In the next week I shall be trying to help a friend set up a wordpress blog to house all of her original music and hymn translations. So far however my greatest success has been to get Dr B to start blogging. Now I can enjoy reading his blog output too.
Anyway enough of this self-indulgent reflection, thanks to all of you who read these jottings and leave the occasional comment.

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Dr B said...

congratulations. it's been a great read.