Thursday, 21 May 2009

Jetzt geht es wirklich los! Today things really get started

So today things are really getting started with Bible studies and podium discussions and midday singing and much, much more. Our WCC stand is set up and ready for business in the Market of possibilites and today's Kirchentag visitors will still have last night's music and the beautiful candle light floating around the city of Bremen in their minds as they begin today.
I'm off to the Harbour area to interpret this morning and then back there this evening for the Bread for the World international reception. Hope also to get back to the WCC stand and the International Centre at some point. Meanwhile, apologies to regular readers who think I'm writing too much but I'm also trying to give some English updates abotu Kirchentag to folk who are a bit lost here.
Have a great day - Mensch wo bist du? Ich bin hier in Bremen!