Tuesday, 28 July 2009

The benefits of passion

I first read Catherine Fox's splendid book The Benefits of Passion about 10 years ago. Together with a good friend, who was living with and dying from cancer at the time, we became quite addicted to this and Fox's two other novels - Angels and Men and Love for the Lost.

I still live in hope that Ms Fox will return to writing these wonderful, meaningful novels but there hasn't been much on the novel front from her for years. I have this fear that parish life may have swallowed her up.
Anyway if you can get a second hand copy of any of her books I really recommend them. Food for the soul - really I suppose I just wish I had had the imagination and will power to write a book that is as fun and as meaningful as this.

Annie is training to be a priest but as her mind wanders during theological discussions and doubts emerge about her choice of career, she plots and writes a highly sexed novel about ... a novice priest and his flighty girlfriend.