Thursday, 9 July 2009

Word of the day "la parentalité"

Friends in Geneva are expecting a baby, to be born soon. Babies born in Switzerland are not automatically Swiss citizens unless their parents are Swiss. This baby's mother comes from a country which does not allow women to pass on citizenship to children born abroad, the father is from a country which allows him to confer citizenship to his child only if it is born in that country, he also has British citizenship but this can't be given automatically to his child as the father was not himself born in Britain.
If the child was born in France or the US it would naturally get citizenship. More shocking to me is the idea that male citizens of some countries can pass on citizenship to children born outside their country of origin but women can't. So much for human rights!
So our friends may enter into "parentalité" (parenthood) without knowing what nationality their child will have ...