Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Name the Campaign! Enter the Food Campaign Slogan Contest

The Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance (EAA) is searching for a slogan for its new four-year campaign on Food. We are looking for individuals, church and school groups, organizations, and community forums to use their creativity and experience to suggest the new slogan.
The EAA’s slogan for its trade campaign was “Trade for People, Not People for Trade”. For HIV and AIDS for the last four years it has been “Keep the Promise”. A campaign slogan should be:
Catchy and memorable
Relate to the overall approach of the Food campaign
Ideally indicate a Christian or faith-based connection
Work in different languages (although you don’t necessarily have to come up with the translations!)

Suggestions can be entered on the EAA website – and everyone can indicate their favorites before the final decision is made.

The creators of the winning slogan will be recognized on the website and in the EAA bulletin, and will receive Food for Life – a new cookbook compiled by the Lutheran World Federation. With over 100 recipes from individuals and communities in 23 countries and regions, Food for Life – which also contains table blessings and stories – gives insight into different cultural and religious backgrounds, and sheds light on methods of food production and the ways in which people cope with scarcity and adapt to climate change.

Individuals are also invited to submit drawings, songs, or cooperative games that may be used in the Food Campaign. Although not part of the contest, all such submissions will be credited to their creator if used by the EAA.


Gustavo Bonato said...

I may be totally wrong and I may offend some people but when I read this call for ideas I think:

"If they don't even know what they want to campaign for, why are they even considering that? Why to start a campaign just for the sake of starting it? A campaign shouldn't be the reaction on a problem that is making people strongly unconfortable?"

Jane said...

Actually food is going to be their focus and their way of trying to involve their constitutency is to get interest in the campaign by thinking about the slogan - but I take your point