Monday, 27 July 2009

Sometimes things just work ...

Here in Europe it's holiday time so at work and in the chapel lots of people are away. Through the ecumenical prayer cycle we're praying for the countries and peoples of the Caribbean. We really had no idea who would be there, if anyone, but we decided to celebrate communion this morning - despite fears of swine flu - and to enjoy ourselves singing some things with great rhythm. Including Fred Kaan and Dorren Potter's Let us Talents and Tongues employ and the wonderful Sanctus and Benedictus that begins le lo le lo lay ... at one point we even had a bit of a steel band noise going. Our ad hoc choir are amazing folk!
It sort of just all came together and it's special when things work like that. Simple prayers for the people of Honduras and Fiji were offered during our intercessions and as we shared bread and wine we began singing a wonderful haleluja from the Caribbean. It was a invigorating way to start the week.