Friday, 10 July 2009

A Picture for John Calvin's 500th Birthday

This wonderful watercolour of John Calvin usually hangs on the wall in the Ecumenical Centre library just outside my office. I look at it every day. It is by Jean Guitton.
Today the watercolour is welcoming visitors to the library with special happy birthday greetings.
You can also visit the library website and listen to or read a great lecture on So who was John Calvin? by my wonderful colleague Theodore A. Gill jr.
Scroll down this link to see some photos and get to the links.


Mavis said...

Great post thanks! I baked a cake (plain uniced) which we enjoyed at work but the day was largely unnoticed in Oz. A Uniting Church Assembly employee sent an email around the office yesterday about John Calvin's 500th birthday today - and got an quick response from someone in finance pointing out politely that there was a typo in the email about the 50th birthday. There is a great party in St Luke's Remuera NZ though - with trad 16th century French fare I understand

Jane said...

Love the typo Mavis.
Am off to the cathedral in about an hour where Setri Nyomi and Laurence Mottier will do a dialogue sermon - not sure what Calvin would have made of that!