Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Lover of Islam - Believer in Jesus Christ

One of the interpreters I contacted today for an interreligious meeting told me about this book by Paolo Dall'Oglio Amoureux de l'Islam, croyant en Jésus Christ. It was published earlier this year and sounds fascinating - though being a linguist the interpreter who told me about it said she felt the French could have been a bit better edited but that it was a passionate and fascinating read.
Dall'Oglio sees his work of reconciliation with Islam extending in the future toward some kind of mediation between all the warring parties in the Middle
East. "This is very delicate," he says, "but everyone knows that we cannot continue to use religion as an excuse for violence of all kinds. We have to find
a way to break through the infernal circle of fear that we feel, all of us."
Where does one put the focus? Dall'Oglio says it is clear that people in every religion have to dig deep into their own roots to find the rationales for dealing with everyone in justice and peace. He has found those roots in both the Old and New testaments. He has found them in the Qur'an. People who don't go to their roots, but follow only the letter (of whatever sacred text), he says, are the real troublemakers in this world. "Follow them and we are doomed."
The book is published by les éditions de l'atelier. You can find out more about this Roman Catholic, politically committed publishing house here.

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Hansuli John Gerber said...

Sounds like one of these book I have to read. Not that I know Islam that well, but I notice that I increasingly feel empathy for people who are fascinated by or convert to Islam.