Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Word of the day une perle rare

I've posted my meditation from last Friday's beading, remembering and leave taking.

In French the phrase une perle rare meaning a precious pearl, a rare jewel or stone, and it’s also a way of referring to a person. Calling someone une perle rare is a way of honouring their uniqueness, their beauty, their contribution – it’s a way too of saying they are brilliant and fabulous! ;-)
Une perle is also the way you refer in French to an ordinary bead and not only precious pearls. Beads are also used in many cultures and religions as an aid to prayer a way of focusing. What are the rare pearls in your culture? How are beads used to help communication or spirituality?

Meanwhile some of you may be inspired to help David Ker with understanding the biblical text about not casting pearl before swine.