Friday, 15 February 2008

About oikoumene from the Netherlands

Marloes Keller from the Netherlands has a blog about ecumenism. She's a member of central committee and takes good photos from the floor of the meeting as well as writing with humour and insight about the processes of the meeting. This post has a great shot of the slide giving advice on how to move forwards in consensus mode if the meeting is not agreed. Consensus is the form of decision-making that the WCC has been using since the last assembly and it's been interesting to see the central committee growing into this more iterative way of decision-making.
Marloes ends this post by saying that ecumenism is making her world larger but then asks whether it is also increasing her faith? (My understanding of Dutch is limited so I apologise if that's a mis-representation.)
Anyway Marloes is a communicator and web editor of IKON which is the interchurch communicaitons tool of the Netherlands. There's some really fascinating stuff on the site including part looking at the Bible the Koran as holy books of two world faiths.