Sunday, 24 February 2008

Women's commentary on the Torah sells out within five weeks

Over the weekend thanks to catching up with Dierdre Good's wonderful blog I've learnt that "The Torah: a Women's Commentary" was launched in December last year - and that it sold out within five weeks. You can read more about the project on the Women in Reform Judaism site and also in the article Deirdre cites by Jane Lampman. It's the first commentary on the Torah to be written by Jewish women scholars. It is about women claiming their spiritual inheritance, just as the five daughters of Zelophehad claimed their earthly inheritance in Numbers 27.
The Commentary has been 13 years in preparation. Now I just need to try and get someone to do something similar in French, though I imagine there would be more of a market for a German version.
However my real problem is how am I going to find enough time to read all these books I'm finding out about on the internet. I'll have to apply for six months study leave!