Saturday, 23 February 2008

Word of the day - éthiquable - fair trade

Le commerce équitable vise plus de justice et d’équilibre dans le commerce mondial.
Des pays du nord de l'Europe plus avancés dans la démarche du commerce équitable.
Max Havelaar: le label international du commerce équitable.

ETHIQUABLE soutient l’agriculture paysanne.

Ethiquable is a fair trade cooperative set up three years ago to get fairly traded goods more widely available in France. All the goods have the internationally-agreed Max Havelaar seal of approval. I've just finished eating a delicious little pot of banana, guava and mango compote they supply.
The name éthiquable is a brilliant pun and clever bit of marketting, fair trade in French is le commerce équitable, by changing the letters around you get the idea of ethical trade not just fair trade. It's also not too far from the French for label which is étiquette, giving the idea of an ethical label.
Of course the French word étiquette is used in English to describe how you are supposed to behave properly in polite society - more about being falsely charming than behaving ethically.