Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Translation and interpretation at WCC central committee

Work days are long at the moment - but the frosty early-morning sunrises are quite spectacular.
I came straight back from the night train from Rome to the WCC executive and central committees. It's always hard work but quite good fun as we have a full complement of translators and interpreters working with us and it's the one time we get to actually talk with colleagues regularly about translation and language issues.
Unpicking the meaning of rather tortuously phrased English is my main contribution to the general undertaking. What's interesting is that I often find I have to read difficult to understand bits of English aloud before I can get my head around the meaning.
The real blessing in all the sorting out of documents and trying to get the right pieces of paper to the interpreters on time is the group of stewards we're working with again. Paula from the Netherlands and Andrea from Uruguay are working with the language service and they're really doing a great job and are also interested in the meeting.
More about the meeting and perhaps even some pictures once I've had time to charge the batteries in my camera!