Friday, 29 February 2008

A rainy day off starts well

Today I'm having a day off and instead of slobbing around and watching daytime telly (very sinful and wonderful!) I'm up and dressed and enjoying my leap day of freedom before 9.00 It's wonderful to have the whole day stretching ahead of me and nothing other than the pleasurable constraint of lunch and shopping with a good friend. Fortunately she has the same attititude to shopping I do - it's sort of ok but sitting in a tea shop chatting is the real fun!
Anyway the day began well when I rediscovered in our spare bedroom some books I'd even forgotten I was looking for . As a result I'l be able to take with me on the bus Rabbi Marc-Alain Ouaknin's splendid little book Dieu et l'art de la pêche à la ligne - God and the art of line fishing. It's part of a series published by Catholic publishers Bayard called Qui donc est Dieu - Who's God then? I bought several of them when in parish ministry as they offer very different philosophical perspectives on God and are short and fun to read.
Anyway in the Ouaknin book I found this morning I was delighted to be able to find my favourite quote by the sadly deceased French stand up comedian Raymond Devos "Comment identifer un doute avec certitude" - how can you identify a doubt with certainty? It even made my husband laugh before he had to go to work.