Thursday, 14 February 2008

Sad news ~ the death of Daniel Jouve

At lunchtime today Gérald Machabert who's working with the WCC as a French writer this week told me about the sudden death of Daniel Jouve. The news has made me sad all afternoon.
Daniel was the ERF's regional president when I was the minister in Ferney-Voltaire. We didn't always agree about things - two Protestants together rarely do - but we spent long hours in the car late at night visiting young ministers starting out in churches. I learnt alot from him. There's no one to share any of those stories with now.
Daniel returned to local church ministry in Bergerac in 2006, his wife Evelyne is chaplain to the Fondation John Bost.

"Feras-tu un miracle pour les morts ? Les trépassés se lèveront-ils pour te célébrer ? Dans la Tombe peut-on dire ta fidélité, et dans l’Abîme dire ta fidélité ? Ton miracle se fera-t-il connaître dans les Ténèbres, et ta justice au pays de l’Oubli ?" (Psaume 88, 11-13).