Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Easter in solidarity with Iraq's Christians

Pax Christi has launched an Easter solidarity initiative with Iraq's Christians. The French Federation of the Catholic Press is supporting the initiative as is Réforme. As an ecumenical sign of solidarity all of the Christian press in France agreed to publish the same article by Laurent Larcher on the Pax Christi visit to Iraq. Bishop Marc Stenger, president of Pax Christi France, headed the delegation and my colleague in Paris Didier Crouzet, who is charge of the Reformed Church of France's international work, also took part.
Faced with demands from people on the ground for visas for family members trapped in other countries Bishop Stenger said "We can't do everything but I do commit myself to alert our government and my compatriots to your situation, your demands, your trials and suffering. French Christians will live Holy Week in fellowship with you. They will think of you, pray for you. They are your brothers and sisters, your are theirs."