Thursday, 4 December 2008

Another tag, another meme, write your life in a 50 word mini saga

So now it's Kurk Gayle who's tagged me on another of David Ker's memes, a 50 word boy meets girl mini saga. Now of course I believe that my life is a major saga not a mini saga but hey here's one for starters. I am (almost) inspired to try a write a second, third and fourth about my parents and grand parents. The mini saga approach to family history. Maybe it would be fun to try and write a mini saga of institutions, the church, the banking industry, the UN, the WHO ... so who can I tag ... Thomas Zweiffler, Ruthann Gill (the potato famine woman!), Olive Alvis and any of the rest of you who fancy having a go.

Love over post-church coffee.
Newspapers. Politics. Theology. Rants.
The Berlin wall.
Finally vows
And a tent
Barefoot joy in a garden
France Belgium Germany Switzerland
waiting for another conversation about Walter Benjamin
still wondering about the meaning of life
and celebrating the wonder of love.


David Ker said...

That's beautiful and romantic. Tomorrow's our wedding anniversary and all the romantic mini-sagas are inspiring me to some daring deeds.

Dr B said...

That is splendid. Many happy memories and futures.

J. K. Gayle said...

I love the way your story begins and ends with love.