Saturday, 20 December 2008

Puzzling at life

I've posted to the docs section my short meditation from the advent service held on Wednesday evening. The service was based on the liturgies on peace that the WCC worship office has prepared for Advent, you can find them all here.
As part of our act of commitment everyone received one of the wordle cards with a jigsaw shaped piece cut out of it so that the peace wordle could show through.
Our lives are not so easy to resolve, sort out or live as jigsaw puzzles are. We are left not just puzzling but also perplexed. I have been wondering if Advent and Lent are not for me to some extent times to puzzle and be more perplexed. I try to find a missing piece but actually discover so much more that is missing, so many other pieces I want to search out and understand. As the celebration of the incarnation draws closer I hope I shall manage to put my Advent puzzling aside and receive the gift of the vulnerable child born also for me.

Here are some extracts from the meditation:

But we are of course still left with the puzzle
Around us here in the chapel you can see that words have not so much become flesh as taken on colour
On fragile paper in many languages, by the ordinary artists and poets that we are
We have painted the word peace in our own and other languages
We express something of our hope for the incarnation of God
Our hope for Christ the Prince of Peace
As we puzzle at the meaning of our own lives
And puzzle at daring to believe in peace
Perhaps this poetry and art which surrounds us this evening will also teach us generosity and practical solidarity
As we look forwards to the promise of the Word becoming flesh amongst us
And to swords across the world being beaten to ploughshares.