Thursday, 18 December 2008

Wordles for worship

One of the joys of blogging is discovering seemingly pointless stuff out there on the internet that you then find a use for. In my case this usually means a liturgical use.
So earlier this week I realised that I needed to put the word "peace" in various languages into a Christmas card from which a jigsaw shaped piece had peace cut out ... and I thought "oh dear I'm going to have to design something." Then as I was walking home I suddenly realised that I could wordle peace in many languages and see if that would give me what I needed and it did. I like this one because it looks just a bit like a Christmas tree. The result was printed on bright coloured A5 paper and looked good.
Some of the other attempts have been saved here. I have to admit that my first peace list was rather Scandinavian in weighting and my first peace wordle came out with the word Fred writ large. Even though I try to agitate for using many languages I wasn't sure this would really get my message across.
Anyway now you know about wordles you too can find a liturgical use for them, do let me know what it is - I suppose I should try and feed a sermon in sometime but I'm worried that might make the whole system crash!

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