Monday, 29 December 2008

Translator gives husband bad translation for Christmas

Oh the humiliation - and it's all my own fault. To say I was unprepared for Christmas would be an understatement - I always am. Anyway this lack of preparation led to Dr B being bought a last minute present of an architecture guide to Berlin. There was also a split second decision to buy the English rather than the German version - in my defence I would say it was shrink wrapped ...
Anyway the book is fascinating - full of irritating facts, opinions, "interesting" architectural walks around the city, historical insights, you know the sort of thing. It was my way of saying I'm willing to smile and be pleased for a few days as you tell me all sorts of things I never up until then knew that I didn't want to know.
Dr B is enjoying it but parts of the book are not well translated to say the least ... ah well let this be a lesson to me to check translations even when buying presents. I'll leave it to him to add some examples in the comments. I do now think there is a gap in the market for a new Christmas game - guessing the original German from the English translation.